Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (Modular)

ABC Awards Code U0010
Assessment Pass/Fail Only
Total Qualification Time
Fee £88.40

The Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment VTAA recognises the equivalent of Level 3 knowledge and skills for technicians who do not hold a formal qualification. This can be taken as a modular assessment.

The accreditation enables motor vehicle technicians who have worked in their roles for four or more years to prove their capabilities at Level 3.

The VTAA is a requirement for technicians without a Level 3 qualification who wish to progress to the Level 2 Awards in MOT Testing and DVSA Certificate of Competence to begin conducting MOT tests under the new DVSA requirements.

Zoe Johnson

The VTAA can be used to:

  • Show technicians have the knowledge and skills expected of someone working at Level 3
  • Help technicians without a Level 3 qualification to become qualified to conduct MOTs
  • Show that a technician meets the Motor Vehicle Level 3 National Occupational Standards

The VTAA is not a qualification, but is a specifically designed accreditation and a lifetime achievement, meaning that once technicians have successfully completed the VTAA they will be considered equivalent to those who have studied to Level 3 via a qualification route.