Level 2 Award in Youth Work Principles (Wales)

ABC Awards Code A4306-02
Welsh QAN C00/4041/8
Assessment Pass/Fail Only
Total Qualification Time 110
Guided Learning 73
Fee £30.00

The SEGAwards ABC Level 2 Award in Youth Work Principles Walesis an introductoryqualification that has been developed withindisustry experts including the National Youth Agency, ETS England and Wales.This qualificationembraces the National Occupational Standards for youth work. The units within this qualification are all mandatory and the content of the four mandatory units underpin thecore skills and knowledge learners need to work towards becoming a competent Assistant Youth Support Worker. Learners will complete this qualification with a concrete understanding of the following:

  • The key purpose and role of youth work including the skills, knowledge, qualities and values required to practice
  • Safeguarding in a youth work setting, including how to protect young people when using contemporary technologies
  • Young people’s development and how youth work can support young people during adolescence

TheAwardunlike the Level2 Certificate does not carry any professional qualification endorsement fromETS England or Wales


Learners who achieve this qualification can complete additional units to achieve the SEG ABC Level 2 Certificate in Youth Work Practice Wales to enable them to become a competent Assistant Youth Worker. Learners may also consider progression onto the SEG ABC Level 3 Certificate and/or Diploma in Youth Work Practice Wales.