Level 1 Diploma in Progression

ABC Awards Code D9931-01
Ofqual Code 600/8410/8
Assessment Pass/Fail Only
Total Qualification Time 420
Guided Learning 378
Fee £107.50

The Certa Awards suite of Qualifications in Progression are nationally recognised qualifications that help learners to overcome barriers so they can move to the next steps in learning or training. They enable learners to try out subjects in a flexible course that can be tailored to their needs.

These qualifications can benefit learners by helping them to re-engage with learning and to develop knowledge and skills, alongside the opportunity to gain an understanding of a variety of vocational roles.

Please see the General Documents futher down this page, for details on the units available for this qualification.


This qualification is not available in an apprenticeship, and does not lead directly to employment. However, it will support learners wanting to develop skills that are useful in a work environment, in addition to a variety of vocational skills. This may increase their chances of gaining employment in the future.

The Level 1 Diploma will enable progression to a range of Certa Awards Level 2 qualifications such as:

  • SEG Awards Certa Level 2 Award in Progression
  • SEG Awards Certa Level 2 Certificate in Progression
  • SEG Awards Certa Level 2 Diploma in Progression