Entry Level Award in Practical Farm Animal Care Skills (Entry 3)

ABC Awards Code A9109-E3
Ofqual Code 500/9652/7
Assessment Pass/Fail Only
Total Qualification Time 80
Guided Learning 80
Fee £35.60

For those learners interested in working in animal care, this qualification provides a practical introduction. Learners will gain work-related skills in the area of farm animal care, gain insight into core activities within the sector, and prepare for further training. Learners will complete this qualification with a concrete understanding of the following:

  • How to recognise signs of health in farm animals, including signs that indicate an animal is unwell, reporting findings to a supervisor, and the importance of personal safety and hygiene
  • Optional units include: Clean Farm Animal Housing, Characteristics and Breeds of Poultry, Principles of Good Bio-Security Practices at Work, and more

This qualification will help learners to decide whether to undertake further training or employment within this sector. Learners could progress through the Entry 3 and onto the Level 1 Practical Farm Animal Care Skills qualifications.